• Fireworks Fitness
    Strength Training, Cycling, …

    Fireworks Fitness

    13129 Rosedale Highway #201, Bakersfield
    Safety guidelines

    Boy Bands

    This is my favorite fitness studio so far! The workout is challenging enough without being discouraging. I feel less pressured to compete with the fast ones in the class. I feel encouraged to do what’s right for my body. Today the theme was boy bands and the music was fire. I love how supportive the instructor and front desk staff are. They act almost like friends - they’re so down to earth! I would like to support this studio more one day and either get a membership or buy a few classes!
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    Welcome to Fireworks Fitness, where they are dedicated to guiding you toward a healthier…
  • Rush Cycle

    Rush Cycle

    2765 Calloway Dr, Suite 104, Bakersfield

    Rush Strength (45 min)

    By far the best spin instructor at this studio! She is so good and has the best choreo and really, the best music too! She is super friendly and I would 100% recommend her classes!
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    The Rush Ride cycling classes are challenging and high-intensity forty-five-minute…
  • Electric Cycle Studio
    Cycling, Strength Training

    Electric Cycle Studio

    3437 Buena Vista Road, Ste 100, Bakersfield
    Safety guidelines

    Electric 45

    Sarah keeps us motivated thru the whole class! I’m always excited to take her classes…even when it’s the middle of the week and I’m running low on energy. Thank you Sarah!!!
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    Electric Cycle Studio is a locally owned indoor cycling boutique providing high energy…
  • Motiv8 Fitness
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Motiv8 Fitness

    1619 Elzworth Street #B, Bakersfield


    The workout schedule is not accurate on the app. I showed up for a cycle class and it was actually a bootcamp class. I jumped in the class anyways and it was a great time. Just be mindful and cross check with their website before you book to make sure you’re in the right class!
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    Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But at Motiv8 Fitness, they make it…

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